2022 Group 4 - Upskilling: How to Retain and Excite Gen Z?

[FUTURE READY] Upskilling: How to retain and excite Gen Z?

CNN International, J.P. Morgan China

About the Co-Creation

Umang and Efje helped us answer the question. The key to retaining and exciting the younger workforce is the emphasis on healthy culture and values as well as upward mobility. They also summarized 4 core principles of upskilling, which are goal oriented, personalisation, agility and transparency. Peter, who is also part of the team,  resonated strongly with the 4 core principles, based on the experience in his current internship. To incite more direct conversations with business leaders, Jason joined the panel discussion with John Tsang and Michael Moriarty . In the future, where some industries may no longer exist, we should equip ourselves with communication skills.

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