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Top 5 Melo Tokens holders

Travis Ye
Davis Chow
Natalie Yu
Christine Su
Ryan Ng

Top 5 Melo Tokens earners

Khalil Mahmood
Marvin Poon
Travis Ye
Manya Khanduri
Karen Wong

Melo Social. More than a membership.

What's the difference

Joint Discovery
Unique experience and conversation with CEOs



Impact Action
Creat impact to society through

CEOs will co-create projects with students for the good of society
Experimental Learning
Unique experience and conversation with CEOs

for Melo Social Membership

Who can join?

Anyone aged between 18 to 25 with a passion for a positive impact on our society and a collaborative mindset to join our program.

What do we expect from Melo Social members?

Your active participation is highly valued for a sustainable community, we ask every member to bid at least once in every three events that involve Melo Tokens.

How can I apply?

We are currently not accepting new members, but you can stay connected by providing your basic information through this form (click here). This way, we will be able to notify you about future recruitment rounds. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay updated on our latest events by following us on LinkedIn or Instagram!