Alice Dong

Class of 2021 Fellow
Personal info
Melo experience

Where there's will, there's a way.

The most exciting part of your Melo journey

Throughout the whole process of our Utopia Food journey, I get a chance to think about the ideas and be shooter in our promotional video. I haven't imagined that and turn out it is real. Although it's a bit hard for me since I am very shy in front of the camera, it's so exciting. I have learnt lots of things from Yenn and other peers.

Do you recognise your growth along the journey?

Initially, I thought I could not handle to join such a big-scaled project. But now, through the joint discovery events and the advice from CEOs and all Melos, I learn to analyse the things step by step. Many of us are great influencers and I get inspired by them. I hope this precious experience can further help me excel my strength in the future.