Bibo Chui

Opportunities OC Class of 2022 Fellow
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HKUST Information Systems & Management
Year 3
I love travelling as it is a wonderful way to explore the world and yourself.
But what I want to take note here is that, despite that I talked about the hope gap in Hong Kong, the people whom I have met in Project Melo have relighted hope in me bit by bit as I realized - we have so many good leaders in Hong Kong.
Melo experience

In a world where capitalism fails, socialism corrupts; hard workers are rewarded, lazy thinkers are resulted; mobilized crowd turns silent, hopelessness lurks for another revolution; then history repeats, yet never really improves; The utmost romance may be - never give up seeking even when we are confined by reality.

Constantly bouncing back and forth between having conversations with CEOs and youths is both intriguing and REALLY thought-intensive, when the former is the experienced UHNWIs who have already unlocked the wisdom to shift in realities, while the latter is the resemblance of wildest dreams and youthful romanticism who hold a fervent passion to change the world for the better.

During the project, I was founder of the youth project Infinita, which captures different youth stories through exhibition. I have interviewed youths of diverse profiles, be it top scorers or grass-roots, multi-talents or marginalised, while listening the exact opposite views from the ultra-wealthy CEOs in the society bi-weekly. I am privileged to work with CEOs of leading corporations, including Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, MWYO and Two Sigma, to amplify youth’s voices. I treasure both the sparks that were steered in the conversation I had with different CEOs, and the well of thoughts that lingered in my mind for days after interviewing. All these conversations with various society stakeholders have contributed to the climax of my melo journey - Melo Summit, where I could confess, as the speaker, the structural gap I realised between generations and social statuses. The tears that I saw in the eyes of the CEOs, social leaders and scholars were unbelievable to me: I was able to move leaders twice my age, double my wisdom, with only one thing – authenticity.