Chan Choi

Class of 2023 Fellow
Personal info
Hi, this is Chan. I try to live by this quote: "To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." I'm still trying.
Melo experience

"How do we create impact?" This was the question that I asked to our 4 founding CEOs in my cover essay, as one of the candidates waiting to be selected as the 2023 Melo Fellowship program. After 6 months of hard work, countless weekly meetings with teammates & mentor CEOs and endless dedication, I can now say I (vaguely) know the answer to that question. In Project Melo, I participated as a mentee and collaborated with the CEO of the global travel platform 'Klook' and V'air, an HK-based ecotourism start-up, to promote eco-tourism and low-carbon travel in Hong Kong. After months of hard work and 3 trial tours to finalize the rundown of the tours, we were able to receive a positive response from Klook's management and listed the actual product on Klook. Go check it out! (Indulge in Nature: DIY Tea Cake x Mindfulness Ecotour in Hakka Villages)Besides the 'serious' accomplishments we achieved, what I valued even more is the memories and insights we gathered along our Melo journey. Through monthly conversations with CEOs I would never have imagined to meet, and visiting venues that would need months of saving up for (The Suite of Penninsula Hotel!), I was able to picture the future me that I want to be, and share the dreams of compassionate fellow Melo fellows who never stop to astonish me. Although it was tough, I was able to make my dream of spreading the value of sustainability a reality with the guidance from our fellow CEO mentors. What about you? What are your dreams? Join us on our melo journey, where we can transform our personal aspirations, into the common inspiration of our future. Now its your turn!