Darren Mok

Class of 2022 Fellow
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Everything with a purpose
Melo experience

The most exciting part of my Melo journey was speaking on stage to an audience of CEOs, startup founders, and my fellow peers at the Melo summit, whilst knowing the event was being broadcasted by the SCMP. It was a nerve-wracking and challenging experience that was definitely out of my comfort zone at the time. Luckily I was surrounded by all my other Melo fellows who I am sure also felt similarly nervous, but as a collective, we were able to support each other towards our shared goal of delivering an outstanding event. More than anything I think Project Melo's core strength is its ability to build a community of drastically different people, who come from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, but who share the common denominator of having a deeper underlying drive of purpose. Doing things meaningfully, with passion and heart has been and always will be the Melo way.