Dash Tong

Class of 2021 Fellow
Personal info
Melo experience

My Melo journey has been very fruitful and inspiring. There are truly a lot of exciting experiences and if i were to pick one, it would be the co-creation project with CEO. The end product is definitely impactful but I find the process most exciting. Provided with the chance to pitch our ideas to a CEO, I get to reflect on my shortcomings and understand the thinking process of a CEO. This is a very precious opportunity as I would never have such experience if I did not join Project Melo. I truly agree with the four founders' idea of starting such a special project instead of a simple internship and I would like to thank all the parties that have participated in making this happen.

I have grown a lot through listening to different successful individuals sharing their stories and even working with some of them. Instead of learning different skillsets and knowledge on an area, I am able to develop a whole new mentality for life. I have always been very competitive, trying to get to the highest possible in all areas. But when I have encountered different brilliant individuals, I understand I do not have to the best in everything and should always learn to accept and even cooperate with individuals who are stronger than me. I believe every individual has his/her own distinctive position in the society and we certainly do not have to compare too much with each other. This is certainly an important life lesson and Project Melo has assisted me in developing such mentality.