Fiona Ho

Class of 2021 Fellow
Personal info
I work in the Marketing & PR industry. I am a fashion model, content creator, you name it… My favorite sitcom is Modern Family.
Melo experience

讀多啲書 飲多啲水~

I love the "between coffee chat" the most since it was a chill and informal chat with Kenny and Randy. I was so surprised that they revealed their personal lives and tried to find out the thing in common between us. Sharing personal experience is always precious and rewarding for us, I love the chemistry that we created. I remember Randy once said I mean that means a lot to us that we feel the way they need us. And I am excited to go to nature bathing with them!!! :)

I learnt to be patient and understanding. People have different limitations and weaknesses, what we should do is try to compre- hend the whole situation before we give comments which may hurt someone's feelings. Besides, there will be opportunities waiting for you, we should always be patient and be prepared to face the challenges so as to shine your talent one day. That's what I have learnt from CEOs and my fellows and peers!!!