Hogan Wong

Class of 2021 Fellow
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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
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Stay hungry, stay foolish.

The Melo journey as a whole is full of wonderful surprises. One of the highlights would definitely be the visit to the headquarters at McDonald's Hong Kong. To my delight, we had the valuable opportunity to undergo its exclusive trainings and hear the stories of its diligent employees. In particular, Randy's sense of humbleness and innovativeness left a strong impression on me. I think McDonald's vision to continue serving the Hong Kong youth community is something worthwhile.

The Melo journey is for sure unforgettable to say the least. I really treasure the valuable opportunities to have genuine conversations with business leaders. The co-creation project is also challenging yet satisfying. In terms of my personal growth, I am now more comfortable communicating with C-level professionals, as well as working alongside likeminded peers to create impactful projects.