Hugo Leung

Class of 2023 Fellow
Personal info
Coldplay fan, nature enthusiast; I seek life's melodies, finding solace in the beauty of our world.
Melo experience

Project Melo has been an extraordinary catalyst for my personal and professional growth, evolving from a quest for exposure into a profound learning experience. Initially driven by a desire to explore opportunities beyond academia, my involvement introduced me to diverse organisations like the Big Bang Academy and Preface, equipping me with valuable networking skills and strategies for empowering youth. However, it was the concept of "social sustainability" that emerged as a defining aspect of my journey. I came to realise that providing opportunities to young people was just the tip of the iceberg; the key to lasting impact lay in comprehensive preparation through workshops and readiness programs. Professionally, Project Melo refined my networking abilities and deepened my understanding of social sustainability, laying the foundation for future collaborations. On a personal level, this experience reinforced my passion for effecting positive change in the lives of young individuals, inspiring me to continue working diligently towards empowering youth and fostering social sustainability. In essence, Project Melo has not only enriched my professional toolkit but also kindled a profound sense of purpose, shaping me into a more committed advocate for sustainable youth development, encapsulating this transformative journey in every sense.