Jacky Ng

Class of 2021 Fellow
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Melo experience

Keep Smiling. Because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.

I would say it is the whole package of "CEO" that is out of my expectation. Kenny is definitely a successful person, in a way that from the conservation with him, he balances his family, career and friendship well. His passion and humor influences me a lot! I never thought that I would in a day have a genuine, personal chat with a honourable person. To be honest, our team did not show up much under the spotlight of Melo project, and I am not sure how do the SVHK organizers evaluate our contribution these months. But actually each of us is taking small steps to go, though we are not showing significant feeling, like impressing others well or showing frustration like other groups did, I do hope my effort to our team project matters, and earns recognition by Melos.

Absolutely growing! Any of the conservation with CEOs provide me an insight in common: Great leaders are altruistic. They are people-oriented, and care about the dynamic society. I am so aspired to follow the shadow from them, and learn bit by bit to bring social impact. I still remember that formula from McDon- ald's: Trust x Respect=lnfluential power. I am already awaiting for the time that I can apply all the theories, not only that I learnt, but also that I experienced, to allow me to be a great leader of future.