Janette Chan

Class of 2022 Fellow
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17 July 2022

Getting drunk for the first time might be a good way to end this journey 🤭…The whole thing is like living a life. Despite all the highs and lows, I never regret being a part of this. This is truly eye opening, how people with different backgrounds and values can get together and pulled off all these projects and the Summit. Getting to know everyone also helps me understand more about myself and the kind of people I want to become. It’s just such a shame that we didn’t have many opportunities to meet people from the other groups ;/

Of course, shit happens, but as the melo slogan goes - GET SHIT DONE. Now I fully understand what it means at the cost of feeling 5y older now 😄

To conclude, it’s absolutely a tough but rewarding journey. It may take weeks for me to get over the mental fatigue. Super grateful anyway