Joyce Yeung

Class of 2021 Fellow
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Keep challenging your old perceptions.

My most exciting part is when our team first gathered at SVHK's office to work on our co-creation idea after we met our CEO for the first time. I was so delighted to have them as my teammates. Even we are not yet familiar with each other at that time, everyone is so enthusiastic, concentrated and open to express and exchange our thoughts. We have a very diverse background, I learned new perspectives from them. It was the best brainstorming process I have ever had.

I become braver in voicing out my thoughts and ask for opportu- nities. Being inspired by the perseverance of all the CEOs, of what difficulties and failures they have encountered in the past, I also become more optimistic about my future, and have confidence in myself that I can make it through. One of the very unique characteristics that I spot on the CEOs is, they never ask why but they ask why not. I wasn't a smart or talented person, but why can't l?