Leon Cheng

Patronage OC Class of 2023 Fellow
Personal info
Hi, I am half Thai and half Hong Kong Chinese, but please don't ask me to teach you Thai.
Melo experience

When comparing my current self, still on my ongoing journey with Project Melo, to the Leon who has just embarked on this journey, I recognize the immense personal growth and expanded horizons I have achieved in the past year. The Opportunity Bank co-creation project provided me with an incredible opportunity to collaborate with three exceptional fellows, as well as Tommie from Preface and Sarah from Big Bang Academy; the project exposed me to many undiscovered social issues in Hong Kong, specifically concerning underprivileged and marginalized youth.Collaborating with the CEOs and the D. H. Chen foundation granted me invaluable insights, allowing us to develop multifaceted solutions to address these pressing problems. Moreover, it instilled in me a profound sense of gratitude for my university education and membership in the resourceful and dynamic Melo community. I have come to appreciate the power of leveraging these resources to create opportunities not just for ourselves, but also for others.One vital lesson I have learned, through both learning and firsthand experience, is that there is always more to be done. Although the co-creation project has formally concluded, I am acutely aware of the boundless potential for Project Melo to explore new avenues and further empower the youth of Hong Kong, and I look forward to continuing this journey with these amazing Melo people!