Marie Sun

Class of 2021 Fellow
Personal info
I spend my life building the world I want to live in.
Melo experience

The most exhilarating aspect is witnessing the transformation of our ideas into tangible actions. I never anticipated that our perspectives would hold such immense value, and I am genuinely grateful for it. Our CEOs, founders, and staff consistently demonstrate their recognition of our worth and contributions. I am not merely collaborating on a project with the CEOs, but also co-creating the Melo Program alongside the participants. Witnessing the tremendous growth and expansion of Project Melo within a span of fewer than five years fills me with immense pride.Thanks to Project Melo, I have gained a newfound confidence in expressing my opinions. Prior to joining the program, I would never have the courage to share my fledgling thoughts in front of such influential leaders. Moreover, I have become more at ease when faced with conflicting ideas. Previously, I would have been terrified of any disagreements within a group, but now I perceive them as opportunities for my team to better identify our needs and realign our course.