Michael Blanchette

Class of 2022 Fellow
Personal info
Melo experience

My Melo journey taught me things about myself I never knew about. I used to be so hesitant to break past my boundaries and couldn't do any more than just bend them a little bit. With the help of Louisa, Randy (McDonald's HK), and Fred (Bowtie), I learned to shift the narrative and actively seek out difficulties rather than avoid them. I saw the power that came with authentic engagement and realized how necessary it was to put every ounce of passion into every little thing I did. Every conversation we shared had the perfect mix of intimacy and guidance and I will always look back at my growth with pride. A year before Melo, I hated public speaking and didn't bother to try anything different from those around me. At the end of Melo, I was doing a TED talk to over 500 CEOs and grew to love talking to new people. Now, I go out of my way to discover the special stories each person has and throw all of my love into every meaningful opportunity.