Minjin Gu

Class of 2022 Fellow
Personal info
Melo experience

By joining Project Melo, I not only gained valuable connections, but I got to experience activities, and events that could not be experienced elsewhere. Melo Summit 2022 is an especially unforgettable memory. When would I ever get another chance to speak in front of hundreds of people and deliver my story in a TED Talk format? I believe that this is really a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience. Listening to CEOs and intelligent fellows helped me to be more open-minded and provoke curiosity as well! I still remember the first joint discovery event and the iconic quote from the CEO: “Get Sh*t Done”. I was surprised with the wording but at the same time, I could realize how Melo events make everyone stay authentic. It is really fascinating opportunity to share those authentic and ‘real’ stories of others and share mine simultaneously. I am thankful to be part of this journey to improve my soft skills and make good friends.