Samson Ng

Curated Projects OC Class of 2023 Fellow
Personal info
I’m a 🎵Cantonpop lover, 📕Chinese literature enthusiast, 🎻violinist and 👨‍💻
Melo experience

💭 One of my most cherished moments with Melo is the night of our graduation. It was a real challenge when I completed my final exam in late May, leaving us with a mere four days to prepare our presentation. What made it even worse was that during the rehearsal, we discovered that our presentation was far from impressive. Louisa even came to give us some special hints and assistance, which made us even more panicked. So, we spent the entire day in the library fixing our mess. Right up until the actual day of graduation, we were still refining our deck and familiarizing ourselves with the scripts.During the graduation day, Kenny noticed our panic and frustration. With a kind smile, he urged us to enjoy the process, even if we failed. Moreover, Don and Randy provided warm support before we stepped on the stage and even suggested that we have some wine. 🍷🤣The reason why this is my best memory in Melo is not only because we fought together as a team 👥, but also because I could see the precious Melo values: genuineness and support. Through this experience, I learned how to embrace failure and take on challenges even when success seemed unlikely.