Shiny Ho

Class of 2021 Fellow
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Leaders are not someone with many followers, but someone inspire next leaders.

The most exciting part is definitely working with Randy and Kenny to co-create the Happy Meal's project. Little did I expect our ideas can come into reality, not to mention for a corporate with much publicity! Meanwhile going through the ups and downs, i.e. ideas conflict, over-promises, time management, etc. Really appreciate the resources and inspirations given by the two CEOs. The Melo Program did link me closer to the mindset of CEOs and the world.

100% yes! I really enjoy the idea of "experiential learning". I remember we start by putting too much assumptions on CEOs, their work, our capacity, etc. Tho the biggest takeaway is to be authentic in building a seemingly difficult relationship. By humble listening to veterans' experience and advice on managing corporates or self, I grow to be more reflective and expressive.