Vincent Lam

Class of 2023 Fellow
Personal info
Results happen over time, not overnight !!!
Melo experience

In my Melo journey, the most exciting part is definitely about the amazing, talented and wonderful people here. I am really grateful that Melo provides me with the precious opportunity to chat with industry leaders, other melo fellows and melo social members. I truly treasure every single genuine conversation with them, as there are so many things I could learn from them.  Reflecting on my Melo journey, I was surprised that we had explored so many themes together, such as art and culture, leadership and our home - Hong Kong. It really opened my eyes to new perspectives, encouraging me to appreciate the significance of art and culture, which I would not do in the past. In addition, I learnt from the industry leaders about what leadership is, which helps me to become a future leader. In conclusion, it is my honour to be part of the Melo community, where I can grow along the journey.