Whitney Yu

Class of 2021 Fellow
Personal info
Melo experience

"Wherever you go, whatever you do, make a positive difference. " - Alan Dick (My primary school principal)

Honestly, every part of this Melo journey has been very exciting. What surprised me most was that I never expected our CEOs Stephanie and Adriel to be so open and give us so much of their time to listen to us come up with wacky ideas, or even just talk about life. Although it's not so much "unpredictable" as it is unexpected, they really are my favourite part of this Melo journey and I'm truly grateful.

Along this journey, I think I've definitely learned how to be more decisive and hungry! Through our long and arduous journey to finally decide on a topic, I've realised the importance of putting your foot down to make a decision. At the same time, this process has taken so long that I've also learned to enjoy the scenery a bit more even if it's not directly related to our goal. It's really opened my eyes to learn about more ideas and thoughts!