2023 Group 4 - Melo Roundtables

Melo Roundtables

Animoca Brands, M+ Museum of Visual Culture

About the Co-Creation

How can we create meaningful conversations between two generations and bridge the gap between young talent and CEOs? The Fellows behind the Melo Roundtables - Aditya Mangla, Keila Juganda, Manya Khanduri, and Ryan Ng reimagined communication between young talent and industry leaders through the creation of CEO-youth roundtables. With the goal of finding common ground and narrowing the gap between two generations, they tackled top social topics at the hearts of both young talent and CEOs, such as talent retention and brain-drain. Despite facing challenges such as time management and effective communication, the team took away key insights on the importance of teamwork, framing, and genuine conversations. Big thanks to the team for hosting such an insightful session to unlock the power of authentic engagement and mutual enlightenment.

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