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As we approach the final stages of our Project Melo journey this year, we were given a special opportunity to have an intimate conversation with numerous members of the McDonald's HK management team.

Hosted in McDonald's "Secret Kitchen", the fellows gained an in-depth perspective about the countless operations that take place behind the scenes of the local food chain franchise. Doing so not only brought to light the many considerations and challenges faced by running such a large corporate brand in Hong Kong, but also changed many of the fellows' perceptions of McDonald's from being purely just a fast food restaurant to also being more about a quintessential brand accentuating the value of "People" and "Community" in the intergenerational atmosphere of Hong Kong.

Throughout the session, the fellows were also able to try out flavors from different parts of the world as well as a top-secret McDonaId's product. We first-handedly experienced the intricate process of taste-testing that precedes the rollout of a new item on the iconic McDonaId's menu. This joint discovery is undoubtedly one of our most memorable and is a well-deserved reward in preparation for our next big challenge: The MeIo Summit.

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