Journeys with a Purpose - conversations with David Yeung and Francis Ngai

How can ME be a reflection of WE?

Meeting the two leaders — Mr.Francis Ngai, CEO of Social Venture HK, and Mr.David Yeung CEO of Green Monday - who act with 'purpose' was indeed a great way to start the Saturday morning. Just like how all the journey starts, they shared that the start of their journey was about finding like-minded people who can align to take the journey together.

Francis shared with us how people are aware of issues yet how there were not many people taking action. Nonetheless, he has seen the 'sense of hope' from the minor group who do not give up fighting to solve the issues. His advocacy towards those minorities was the opening of a new door for Hong Kong, introducing social entrepreneurship.

We don't need to be superheroes to save the world

Social Venture HK incubated great social enterprises, including Green Monday, led by Mr.David Yeung. David reminded us of how food security, climate change, and rapid humun population growth are caused by our daily lifestyle — heavy meat consumption. He mentioned the importance of customer experience — how to appeal to the customer while remaining green to ultimately raise the awareness of a sustainable diet. Opening the Green Common was the way.

Starting something new and taking small actions accumulate to eventually create what we call an 'impact'.

Finding our Heartstrings

With such inspiring sharing from the two leaders, fellows raised insightful questions subsequently, which put everyone to think even more about how we can practice and promote sustainability. We asked questions such as how they could stay resilient, how marketing approaches to take to appeal to customers, and how they feel about greenwashing.

During this stressful COVID19 situation where we easily lose energy and hope, this fruitful talk on a Saturday morning has powered us to grasp bigger insights to everyone about sustainable living. The first joint discovery has inspired all of us to search in our hearts — what makes us stay excited and makes sense to the community — being the great guidance to the next step of our journey.

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