Time Travel at SCMP That Has Stood out from the Crowd for 115 Years

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That was the ethos I was left with following the office tour and sharing session hosted by SCMP. As the staff showed us around their stations, passing by works of local artists and displays detailing the birth of the organization, it was clear the team took pride in how deeply their identity intertwined with the heritage of this city.

I was impressed by the front covers of their hottest stories in the last 100 years and a printing press used in the early 20th century that was still functional, and several pieces of memorabilia occupied their office space. Each celebrating the role newspapers have as archives of our history.

But SCMP is not the only news outlet available. Naturally, leading one of the fellows to ask how the team differentiates itself from its competitors - where “Being First” is perceived as the only determining factor of a paper’s success.

They said it was telling stories from a unique perspective. Their intention of leading the global conversation about China makes them stand out. Only by asking ourselves, “What value are you bringing to the table?”, can a clear sense of self-identity be found.

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