UBS Foundation Launches Environmental Tie-Up

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UBS’s foundation has launched its first Greater China partnership with a social enterprise in the region.

UBS Optimus Foundation Hong Kong has launched a joint partnership with non-profit social enterprise Project Melo, according to a statement. As its seed funder, the tie-up involves a program aimed at tackling the «most pressing environmental topics facing Hong Kong».

«We are delighted to support Project Melo as the first social enterprise UBS Optimus Foundation is partnering with in the region,» said Ming Geng, UBS head of social impact and philanthropy for Greater China.

UBS x Melo Social Challenge.

The seeder fund is called the «UBS x Melo Social Challenge» which will involve small teams of young people shortlisted to compete. They will work directly with company CEOs and climate experts to devise their ideas in an impact summit on June 21 and 22 called «Melofest». The winning team will receive seed funding to realize their proposed solution.

Project Melo is a non-profit social enterprise that aims to establish a two-way mentorship network and foster collaborative impact projects. It has reached over 700 university students and 40 CEOs to work on more than 17 co-created social projects.

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