2023 Group 3 - Family-Centered Care

Family-Centered Care (Ronald McDonald House Charities)

McDonald’s Hong Kong, Humansa

About the Co-Creation

When a child falls ill, it's a difficult time not just for the child, but also for their family. That's why the Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong, with its focus on family-centered care, is such a critical organization. The team of Fellows, Julius Choy, Samson Ng, Telia Mak, and Vincent Lam, have worked hard to raise funds and awareness for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, helping them to provide accommodation and psychosocial support to sick children and their families. Through their creative strategies and events, they were able to encourage the community to come together and support the well-being of those in need. Don't forget to keep an eye on media coverage and find out how you can get involved and support this important cause.

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