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As Project Melo is coming to the end, we had the opportunity to join a private behind-the-scene tour in the biggest magic maker in the city, Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong is a melting pot of diverse culture. With the vision of diversity and inclusion, Hong Kongg Disneyland has transformed the castle into something that embodies their and Hong Kong values.

This Castle of Magical Dreams is not a conventional Disney castle, like the Cinderella Castles in Florida and Tokyo or the Sleeping Beauty Castles in California and Paris. It is an amalgamation of various design styles. There is a cultural reference at every corner of the castle. From spires, and turrets, to towers, each was customized to tell 13 stories of beloved Disney princesses and queen, weaving stories of cultures into one.

The nighttime show "Momentous" took my breath away, as the Castle of Magical Dreams becomes a canvas with projection mapping technology, lighting, and fireworks.

Behind the magic of this wonderland, there is a team of passionate talented cast members beavering away to put smiles on every guest's face and employee's face. After all, it is the PEOPLE who make magic. Without people, the community cannot sustain itself. Without the community, companies cannot sustain themselves. What better way to make people feel safe, secure, and supported by embracing diversity ond inclusion at work.

Take a closer look and you will notice the domes of the castle are in different shapes, colors and styles yet somehow they look harmonious. It is just like we, humans. We are born unique in our own ways.

和而不同 - "We seek diversity, without division. Unity, without uniformity."

It was amazing to see all cast members come together to make magic.

Now, magic does happen.

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