2021 Group 7 - Climate Change

Climate change

McDonald’s Hong Kong

About the Co-Creation

In the first half of 2021, we collaborate with Project Melo and McDonalds Hong Kong to co-create a B2B2C project on the theme climate change. We worked closely with Randy who gave us tremendous motherly advice and support on designing a self-illustrated children's book for Happy Meal. She has taught us many professional marketing and ESG knowledge to add on our original ideas.

Social Impact

McDonald's Hong Kong having a huge segment of young customers, especially children, our goal is to educate them on the awareness of climate action. We designed some daily micro-tasks that people were not aware of, but can create a significant impact when a crowd do together and accumulate. Our children’s book has published in July summer accompanied with the launch of a 21-days challenge campaign. We also explained our vision and mission on a mini-site in details.


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