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When Nature meets Culture

We all have learnt about fancy theories regarding ecology and conservation through text books, probably during science class, but what better ways are there to really experience the marvels of nature than visiting ourselves in person? In a breezy summer day, we had the opportunity to join an ecotour organised by V'air, in which we explored the rare and protected species of plants in Kuk Po, Mui Zi Lam Village and more. It is by then we are reminded that Hong Kong is not only a prosperous city with a well-developed urban area, but a lot of precious and beautiful greeneries hidden in this small city.

However, this is not just any standard ecotour. We were very lucky to meet Mr. Tsang, a Hakka village chief, to explain the cultural origins of the villages and his heroic stories advocating for culture conservation. He was one of the rare fews who is willing to stand out and persevere with what he believes is the right thing to do amidst the barriers from government policies and pressure from people politics within the villages.

When asked about how he deals with all these challenges, I can still vividly recall Mr. Tsang replying with such inspiring words: No matter what you do, there must be voices of objection. But what matters is not to win every vote and feel good, but to do what's right and needed to be done".

Other than serving as a good cardio workout (we had to walk for two hours straight :p), this eco-tour was surely a memorable one as we were able to learn about easily forgotten parts of Hong Kong - both the precious nature and culture that makes this place a unique city like no other.

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