You can start from anywhere, It only matters that you're passionate about what you want to do.

In a private discussion with Mr Kevin Sneader, President of Asia Pacific Ex-Japan of Goldman Sachs and former Global Managing Partner of McKinsey, Melo Fellows examined what is the crux that makes one a good leader and how does one follow and ignite their inner flame for the long term.

As one of the most well-known global leaders, Kevin reminisced and recounted stories of his journey while sharing anecdotes on a multitude of experiences, such as the great catalyst of his move from the UK to China to help establish one of McKinsey’s first offices in the region. Most importantly, he candidly spoke on the importance of the relationships you make and how one should do something that sparks interest rather than looking at salaries when looking for a job.

The sharing helped me gain a better holistic insight into how to apply and cultivate soft skills in real-world problem-solving! Kevin was a delight to have. He talked about what influenced his career trajectory from consulting to investment banking and felt as a current business student it helped me gain perspective on what one should be looking for at a job, which is passion!

A quote from Kevin that deeply resonated with me was, "You can start from anywhere, it only matters that you're passionate about what you want to do". This quote really touches me. One can be at any age and still be able to follow their wildest dreams, so long as that's what their heart truly desires. I feel this also links into the concept of what we are currently doing here at Melo, which is creating social impact fueled by the passion both from the youth and CEOs!

In the end, Kevin brought up a key question which stuck with me, "How can we bring change for the better?" I am not 100% sure how we can do it but I do know it will start here at Melo!

We all cannot wait to share this with you all so stay tuned for more updates!

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